BADASS Mastering Processor

LOUD is a crystal clear transparent loudness maximizer with intelligent algorithm which works with almost any audio source especially music from most of listenable genre. LOUD is capable to pump up audio mixdown optimally from -18dBFS RMS up to -6dBFS RMS without any coloration nor noticeable sound deformity, while preserving the original source depth image, dimension, and spectral content.

LOUD designed to be used out-of-the-box as simple as slapping on a track with no or very little parameters tweaking. In most of cases, the only parameter need to be adjusted is the master output gain to get most of dynamic range without crushing the musical content.


  • 2 point crossover, adjustable 3-band splitter to process dynamics at Low, Mid and High frequency individually.
  • perceptive dynamic algorithm with individual attack time, post-processor make up gain, and audition switch for each individual band.
  • pre-dynamics adjustable smooth noise gate to suppress unwanted noises below threshold.
  • adjustable output ceiling to avoid intersample peaks.