Channel Strip

Collection of the best multi-purpose signal processor in a single strip.

The name itself is self-explanatory. Channel Strip designed with the purpose to imitate the workflow of mixing on a analog mixing desk. It save the time and headache of plugin frenzy. Channel Strip make the mixing process more efficient by circumcising the process of single out the best signal processor in chain to manipulate sound on a particular audio track. It effectively help to achieve the best possible output by providing the most versatile collection of signal processors in a single chain.


  • High/Low Pass Filter up to 72dB/oct slope, with 12db/oct incerement.
  • Multi-purpose Expander with smooth envelope.  Adaptively capable from widen dynamic range to Gate percussive transients.
  • Transparent 5-band equalizers, with High/Low Shelf options. Capable to handle extreme tweaking without breaking the sound.
  • Musical compressor modeled after a very notable FET compressor with ALL Ratio options.
  • Saturation module to force any signal input to break pleasantly.