Patrick asked
Hey Jreng, long time viewer and fan here! Your videos are so inspiring in so many ways!!! What camera/lens do you normally use? Cheers!

Hey Patrick!

I shot my videos with Sony a6500 with mostly Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 Lens. If i need a wider angle i would use Sony E 16mm f/2.8 Lens (sometimes with VCL-ECF1 fisheye adapter).

Aradea Hakim asked
Hi Bay, apa kabar? Baru tau ada website-nya, keren. Mudah-mudahan sehat selalu dan dapat terus berkarya.

Baik De. Website udah dari 2013 🙂

Amin. Semoga kamu juga selalu sehat dan bahagia.

Mogi asked
Would you please at least consider in producing my Band?

You got mail.

Vian asked
Kalau mau record di jreng music apakah bisa?

cekinbok gan

how do you control all of your work?

i treat JRENG! as a client, i use trello to organize my priorities.

wendy asked
what is the last movie you watched that make you cry?

Please Stand By 😭

“Jack” asked
Hi Jreng, first realy cool songs, I’m myself a songwriter and artist, they sound lovely. And I got a question about where to get your js plugins, if you will ever put the out to download for donation or to buy, because theyy realy look very beautiful and interesting. Sorry for the first unfinished message, hit the wrong keyXD. I hope you’re having a wonderfull day and don’T struggel during these difficult times Daniel J. Golden

My JSFX plugins are purely experimental and i don’t think it’s suitable production. That was so long ago, it was time when i was started learning about programming especially digital signal processing.

If you referring plugins on my project page, those are VSTs not JS. I use them all the time, especially for JRENG! music production. However i don’t have plan to commercialize them because i don’t have the time (and resource) to maintain the development. Those plugins only available on macOS VST format, i don’t have other machine with different OS to compile the binary.

Aku asked
Aa’ abi nya’ah ka anjeun❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Dirhiku asked
Aa’ kapan main ke sadayana?

opooooo iki cak is

Gue penghuni gardu PLN Pusat asked
Kapan main ke sini?

lah ini pan di gardu

tarik asked
where to download your add-ons

Did you means (audio) plug-ins? They were made for personal use, i’m not ready to share it with the internet.

Yo_Crizzzal asked
this theme is so dope..will you make another one in a different way?

as long as METRIC serves it purpose (which help me or others produce exciting music with REAPER) i don’t think there will another…but i can make no promises

zulfikar asked
kenapa video kontes apple di hapus, ?

Indifone iPhone Film Fest? masih ada di channel mereka. Saya gak pernah upload video itu di channel JRENG!

Greg “Kelly” Burke asked
Dear Jreng!, Just saw a few of your videos thru email from EH effects. Wanted to give you kudos and praise for your creativity, talent and resources. Brought back many fond memories of my time teaching in Singapore and the fine musicians I met and heard while there years ago. I wanted to see if you would like a donation of any used effects boxes I might be able to spare and send your way? Zoom, EH, MXR? I need to lighten my collection, in preparation of a possible move next year and after hearing/seeing you, I can think of no one other than a Bay Area duo called Pamplamousse ( who if not familiar with, I feel you, Jack and Natalie are kindered spirits) would use and enjoy. I don’t know what shipping would cost? But if interested, let me know and can go thru my effects and see what I can donate. All the best, Kelly

Your long askme post just made my day! I have sent you an e-mail, please write back. Thank you!

vikun asked
untuk upload dismule mah liat di mbah gugel,hehe..atau kalo kang bayu sibuk mah sama saya uploadnya juga ga apa”,saya siapp..

Emang ada rencana mau dikerjain ulang lagu Nyaris Sempurna. Nanti sekalian dibikin versi karaokenya. Nanti dikabarin. Hatur nuhun

vikun asked
sampurasun amang jreng,.upload atuh aransement nyaris sempurna dan semua cover laguna dismule,sebagai fans garis keras,hoyong mensosialisasikan lagu” amang jreng di smule!!!

gimana caranya upload lagu di smule?

kapan medina nya dilauching?

Nanti kalo udah beres

somebody to love dong om jreng.

Hahaha susah itu. Masuk list dulu yah

So finally jreng! Is back! Whats your plan now? Do you wanna uplad your video regularly?


bang, bagi lagunya nyaris sempurna donk yg 320kbps, ato yg jernih gitu..

yang jernih itu air mineral dalam kemasan

What is the first programming language you learn?

EEL2. A language developed by Cockos (Justin Frankel) for REAPER DAW which has some similarities to C and JavaScript.

what is your favorite music format? how do you plan to release your album?

i like cassette, mostly because of the nostalgic attachment. but not for JRENG! album release i guess, not now perhaps

Barry Allen or Wally West?

I grew up watching the 1990’s TV series, so it must be Barry

Ever watched an anime, if so, which is your favourite?

Full Metal Alchemist

Should I buy a microphone and start recording my music?

yes you should

Would you rather crash with friends or stay at a hotel?

crash with friends

Batman VS Superman? Why?

Batman. Batman doesn’t need super power to be superhero. Oh, because he doesn’t have one.

Jreng main ke kopo atuh nanti disuguhin ayam kampung bapak abi :)

asyiiik, ayamnya dilaser?

Kapan album dan video baru keluar ?

saat siap dikeluarkan

Sampurasan Bro, kapan manggung lagi ?

rampes, beres album. nunggu undanagn



If you had to move to another city, where would you move?

New York seems nice.

What was the last book you read?

Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers, 1st ed

How many people have you given your heart to?

(deep breathing…inhale…exhale)

What brings true happiness?

the gratitude of consciousness of present time

If you were born left handed would you try to change to right handed?

i’m grateful i was born with both hands

What is your favorite sport?

i enjoyed cycling, especially cross country

How do you fall in love?

how do you NOT fall in love?

When does consciousness begin?

when you start asking those questions

If you were given the chance to sky dive, would you do it?

definitely. no doubt about it.

Have you ever had to wear a uniform?

in Indonesia we wear uniform from kindergarten to high school

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

go to bed

What TV show are you embarrassed about watching?

i don’t watch TV.

Do you believe in love at first site?

yes, i do believe in love at first SIGHT.

Did man really land on the moon?

That is the right question.

Est-ce que vous comprenez le français?

je comprends un peu le français, mais pas très bien

what is JRENG?

a scribble from my guitar headstock.

what is your first EHX pedal?

Deluxe Memory Man is a gentleman’s choice.


what is your go-to plugin when mixing?

JRENG! Channel Stripper CS-1

why is it so much green in this website? is green your favorite color?

any lightwave spectrum could be my favorite. actually this website filled with more black

when is your most favorite musical era?

63.9% influence in my music mostly from 1960s t0 1970s.

what is the latest album you bought?

Sarah Vaughan Sings The Beatles. eargasm

what is playing on your iPod right now?

Pimsleur French Level 1. Unit 5.

what do you think the most important thing in the world?

world peace

Where can I get or at least hear your latest music?

maybe i’ll post some demos on JOURNAL.

When are you going to release another song? Why such a long break?

Hopefully second or third quarter this year. JRENG! production costs a fortune, i have to do a lot of paid jobs to keep the project financially supported.


tentu. video baru dalam proses pengerjaan dik.

who made this website?

an amateur hobbyist coder named Bayu Ardianto.

somehow his name sounds familiar.