MixBus Processor

top to bottom stereo mixbus processor

MixBus Processor is a collection of module specifically designed for stereo master / mixbus processing. Best used for mixing from top to bottom. Instantly it will give depth on stereo image while keeping all the low energy information dead center in the mid of the field. It will add punch and glue to the whole mix, simultaneously help the music breath and move cohesively.

It can help to bring out subtle elements in the mix. It can also help to smooth out transient peaks and raise the RMS levels.  Most importantly, it can help to add emotion and impact to a mix.


  • Spatial enhancer for creating greater sonic depth.
  • Side HPF to keep ke low at mono phantom image.
  • Musical sounding Russian style compressor which had a very unique sonic character.
  • Oversampling up to 8X to avoid aliasing and deliver the most pleasant sounding sample interpolation as possible.