01 Mar 2018 at 18 : 18


I travel back in time.

I used to love rain.

It’s been raining all day long. But now stu is leaky. Somehow water find its way to drip from one of those unused holes from disassembled air conditioner. I never used it anyway.

I did not enjoyed the melancholy.

I missed the sun.

It’s fine.

Let’s make it rain.

28 Feb 2018 at 21 : 49

Recursive Law of Creativity

you can break the rule, but you can’t defy the law

Law is binding force, system of rules of regulating action that does not care whether you know or not, whether you like it or dislike it, obey it or disobey it, whether you care or simply ignore it–when certain conditions are present, it is always exist.

Creativity is a way to solve problems–to find beautiful solution with imagination but not necessarily limited to artistic works. Creativity is a way of thinking–to create something novel from another thing which already exist. We are human after all, under the universal law of creation which dictate us to only able to create something from other thing. The ability to create something from nothing only belong to the MASTER OF UNIVERSE.

If we chose not to obey the law, creativity could be chaotic–and probably lose its purpose. The greatest idea would be meaningless because it was not manifested as the creator imagined. On the other hand, the worst–the one and only idea with right creative execution could result in a masterpiece.


Rules are like a binding box. A definition of you. Who you are and what your mind & body consume when still above the ground and still breathing. It is a frame of mind to understand your universe and communicate it to other people. If nobody could not see the box except yourself, then the problem is you are defining the wrong box.

That is why when someone succeed to execute an idea (no matter if it is good or bad relatively under given circumstances) creatively people use the term : thinking out-of-the-box.

There are only two kind of rules,


These are variables which you can not control. No matter how good you are on whatever you are doing, you can not defy these rules. These are rules that governs not only your universe, but also the UNIVERSE that every living creature live in.

These includes law of nature and physics such as causal law, gravity, energy, attraction, or anything that current scientific discovery have found and understand to define it as science. You do not have to be a scientist to understand them all. Just live as human being and use your senses. See, hear, taste, touch, and smell the world.

A good example of how bad a creative works which is not obeying this ABSOLUTE RULES is like a bad computer generated graphics on a blockbuster movie. You don’t have to be a 3D artist, a director, or any film geek to judge a shitty unnecessary CG is bad, when its addition does not make sense to the scene or the story.

Does it make sense?


These are variables that have been provided under given circumstances–you may or you may not be able to change it, but you have control of choices. You always have options, to choose whether it can rule you or to put it aside as definition–as sides of your box.

These set of rules can be your taste, skills, gears, deadline (time), or any condition which you have the power to choose with your free will. Do you ever wonder why we usually found the best possible solution under pressure of deadline to finish a task? That is because the definition of the box is crystal clear, at least one side of it.


When we are sad we tend to hear old songs, we want those happy memories form the old days comfort us to the condition where they used to be. But when we were happy (and excited) we become receptive of new things. Everything that excites neurons on your brain is anything outside your box. Because, New is always better.

Once you know anything you need to know, forget everything. Let it be the part of your personality. It is the definition of how you cope with problems and make decisions. It would be how people look and judge you, until they really know you. And it does not matter anymore what you know, the one that really matters now is what you don’t know.

You only need to reach certain threshold to get out of comfort zone that defined by the box. Enough threshold that surpassed your current box. Your box first, and when your audience aware of the box yet still can enjoy the novelty of your works, it is guaranteed that they will become excited–hopefully happy. That is when the creativity has successfully deliver the message, your story.

Stay inside the box, you are safe–yet it would be boring. If you went too far to the point that nobody could not comprehend would be chaotic. The furthest point of your creative sparks outside your current box would be the definition of your new box.

That is life, to grow.


Along your creative journey, there will come a time when there are not enough rules to break anymore. Your creativity have outgrown your box. You have know every single rule you need to know, and you have break every single of them.

Your imagination is your universe. Nothing can stop your creativity now. But only if you set a new definition to break again. It does not have to be a box anymore. It could be any shape you need to be, anything you want.

It is time make our own rule, and start from the first law again.


28 Feb 2017 at 18 : 58

Hello world!

When i develop this website, i thought it would be nice to have a dedicated space to pour pieces of my mind, to tell significant stories, to take note important events which happen along the journey. I guess that’s why it’s called journal.

Not that there weren’t any stories to tell. Along the way there were too many, but not profoundly amusing enough to remember or extremely sore which only numbness and sincerity to let go was the one and only the best possible solution to move on.

For the best and the worst, I am really grateful what life has brought me. My path has been crossed by nothing but wonderful people. They all actually wonderful, until some point they reached their expiration date.

Some people took years even decades, others could take few minutes to sour. The ones which never expired eventually become family.

I used think family was a right, but it’s a privilege, it needs to be earned. ~Marshall Eriksen

They all come, some stay, some leave, but eventually the best one always find their way back. I believe, in the end the love i take is equal to the love i make.

If you’re still reading this, and you realize there aren’t any essential point has been written alongside with a random footage from my unborn music video and a picture of my failure hard drive, you are absolutely right.

I just need a push to start writing (again).


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