28 Feb 2017 at 18 : 58

Hello world!

When i develop this website, i thought it would be nice to have a dedicated space to pour pieces of my mind, to tell significant stories, to take note important events which happen along the journey. I guess that’s why it’s called journal.

Not that there weren’t any stories to tell. Along the way there were too many, but not profoundly amusing enough to remember or extremely sore which only numbness and sincerity to let go was the one and only the best possible solution to move on.

For the best and the worst, I am really grateful what life has brought me. My path has been crossed by nothing but wonderful people. They all actually wonderful, until some point they reached their expiration date.

Some people took years even decades, others could take few minutes to sour. The ones which never expired eventually become family.

I used think family was a right, but it’s a privilege, it needs to be earned. ~Marshall Eriksen

They all come, some stay, some leave, but eventually the best one always find their way back. I believe, in the end the love i take is equal to the love i make.

If you’re still reading this, and you realize there aren’t any essential point has been written alongside with a random footage from my unborn music video and a picture of my failure hard drive, you are absolutely right.

I just need a push to start writing (again).